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Welcome to the preschool

Sankt Thomas Preschool consists of a section for younger children (1-3 years) and a section for older children (3-5 years). We have a preschool teacher in each department and a nanny.

We strive to keep the size of the children’s groups down so that each child is seen and can develop in its pace, with the right kind of challenges along the way.

The week is filled with wonderful play, reading fairy tales, excursions, games, building and construction, language games, painting, role play, etc. and of course outdoor play in our fantastic outdoor environment.


We are a multicultural preschool and school where all children are equally welcome. We want every child to feel secure in being themselves and to practice caring for their fellow human beings and their surroundings. Through good communication with the guardians, the whole family becomes involved in the child’s everyday life at preschool. Sankt Thomas school is a small school where the children can go all the way from preschool up to grade 9. It creates a family and safe environment that is easy to overview.

We of course follow the preschool curriculum (Lpfö 18) and the School Act. The preschool has a Catholic orientation and this means, among other things, that we pay attention to Christian holidays and traditions. The school is a non-profit foundation.

“I get to learn things and play with friends.”