We are one of Sweden’s three Catholic primary schools and work with the premise that all students should feel welcome regardless of background. We ensure that the students get a good education in all school subjects, and at the same time, we work to ensure that the students feel safe, secure, and happy during their schooling. 

 We are an independent non-profit preschool and school (F-9). The school is situated in the beautiful Sankt Lars park in Lund. 

We have the only building in the park with a clock tower, therefore, it’s easy to find us! 

We also have a fantastic leisure activity which, among other things, gives students opportunities to develop various interests, such as chess, sports, animals, and crafts. During holidays, we usually go on excursions or come up with lots of other fun. 

We have an active parents’ organization where there are many committed and driven parents that does everything to ensure that the students have the best conditions for the future. If interested, please send an application and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. You can also book a visit to find out more about the school!